This is a short instruction on how to keep your WildBeast instance up to date.

Updating the bot

When an update is made to the WildBeast source code, this becomes known as a Git commit. Smaller hotfixes and commits happen all the time which are then compiled into larger releases. These releases mark larger milestones within the bot's history, for instance 2.0.0 and 3.0.0 which represent major releases.

A couple notes:

  • Commits can be made at any rate, the commit names and descriptions (At least on the ones not made by Doug) will tell whether it's worth implementing this into your instance right away.
  • Releases (AKA minor releases) represent larger patches, and it is recommended to update the bot when these releases are made.
  • Major releases are breaking changes in the code. These are really major reworks that change the way the entire bot functions. Updating at these points is near to a must.

So, now that we have the update structure laid out, let's get to the gist of updating WildBeast. Updating this bot is fairly simple, regardless of system being used. However, this requires you to have downloaded the bot via Git in order to work!

When updating the bot, run git pull in a terminal with the working directory pointed to the WildBeast folder. This will retrieve the latest changes directly from GitHub.


If you have made changes to the files, you might get an error saying that the local changes would be overwritten by the merge. In this case, you either have to manually insert changes into the code (By copying the changes from the commit, release or whatever) or discarding your local changes. If you go for the latter, you can do it with git fetch --all && git reset --hard.

Updating the dependencies

Dependencies, or deps for short, are utilities that WildBeast relies on to work. These come in form of Node modules, external dependencies like FFMPEG and so forth.

The retrieving and installation of these packages has been largely automated due to the existence of package.json. This file specifies what to retrieve and update when the need arises. You can update the bot's dependencies at will, but doing so at regular intervals is recommended.

The regular thing for using administrative commands applies here as well: Sudo is recommended for updating these modules, for good measure. To update the dependencies, run npm install with the working directory pointed to the WildBeast folder. This will install any updates to the NPM packages the bot uses.

Final note

If the bot breaks and won't function as it should, try updating the bot and the dependencies before coming to our Discord server with questions on fixing it. If it stays broken after this, feel free to come and ask questions then.

With these resources, your bot should be fine as long as it's up to date!