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Command reference

This is the command reference for WildBeast. You can find more elaborative information here on each of the commands currently implemented.


Send the message ++help <command> (Prefix may vary) to the bot to get further information on any given command.


  1. Some commands on this page will have an empty Usage field. This means that the command takes no arguments and is accepted as such.

  2. Parameters marked with <placeholders> are supposed to be replaced by other values. Do not incude the actual braces in the command. Similarly, @user placeholders refer to mentions. Parameters surrounded by [brackets] signify parameters that may be omitted.

  3. Commands in the NSFW category have been labeled as not safe for work and can only be used in a channel that has been marked as NSFW in the channel settings.

Additional command information:

Tag subcommands
Settings subcommands
Available meme types



  1. For the colorrole command, a hexadecimal value can be submitted in either #FFFFFF or FFFFFF format.
  2. The softban command bans a user and then immediately unbans them, deleting their messages without barring future access to the server.
  3. The request command supports playing from the following resources: YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer and raw HTML audio.

Tag subcommands

The tag command has the following subcommands. All subcommands inherit the permission level of the main command.


You can use JagTag formatting with the tag create command. See the JagTag-JS documentation for more information on how.

Name Description Usage
tag create Create a tag. tag create <name> <content>
tag delete Delete a tag. tag delete <name>
tag edit Edit an existing tag. tag edit <name> <newcontent>
tag owner Return the owner of a tag. tag owner <name>
tag random Retrieve a random tag from the database. tag random
tag raw Return the raw data of a tag. tag raw <name>

Settings subcommands

The following settings can be edited with this command. All settings are server-specific and all subcommands inherit the permission level of the main command.


Languages are still WIP. Only the "en" language is supported at the moment.

Name Description Usage
prefix Change the command prefix. settings prefix <newprefix>
language Change the language the bot will respond in. settings language <language>
welcome Change the welcome message target. settings welcome <#channel/dm>
welcomeMessage Change the welcome message that is sent when a new member joins. settings welcomeMessage <message>
reset Reset a setting to its default value. settings reset <setting>

Available meme types

The values in the Name column of the table below correspond to the relevant meme ID on

Name ID
brace 61546
mostinteresting 61532
fry 61520
onedoesnot 61579
yuno 61527
success 61544
allthethings 61533
doge 8072285
drevil 40945639
skeptical 101711
notime 442575
yodawg 101716
ermahgerd 101462
hipsterariel 86601
imagination 163573
grumpycat 405658
morpheus 100947
1stworldproblems 61539
facepalm 1509839
wtf 245898
batmanslaprobin 438680
takemymoney 176908
gollum 681831
grindmygears 356615
consuela 160583
ineedyouto 89655
chucknorrisapproves 241304
asianfather 61559
foreveralone 61528
grandmainternet 61556
zoidberg 61573
troll 101484
familyguybrian 674967
obama 185239
badluckbrian 61585
philosoraptor 61516
3rdworldsuccess 101287
ancientaliens 101470