Command reference

This is the command reference for WildBeast. You can find more elaborative information here on each of the commands currently implemented.


If you have a need for any further info, you can send the message {prefix}help <command> to the bot to get info about timeouts and so forth. For lengthier explanations on the usage of the commands, check out #le-guide in WildBot's Territory.

The prefix is not specified in this reference. You have to apply your own prefix to the commands. If you don't know the prefix, type @BotName prefix in the server you're using.

Another thing to note is that some commands will have an empty Usage field on this page. This means that the command takes no arguments and is accepted as such.

Command reference

General commands

Name Description Usage Level/Required permission
addrole Add a role to a user. addrole @User @User2 <role name> 3, Manage Roles
ban Ban a user from the server. ban <days of messages to delete> @User @User2 <reason> Ban Members
colorrole Change a role color to a hexadecimal value. Hashtag accepted but not required. colorrole <#FFFFFF/FFFFFF> <role name> 3, Manage Roles
customize Customize the bot's behavior in the server. See the table at the bottom of the page. 3
eval Evaluate JavaScript code. eval <code> master
hackban Ban a member that is not a member of the server (By ID). hackban <userid/multiple-ids> <reason> Ban Members
hello Make the bot greet you. 0
info Print information about the bot. 0
join-server Return the OAuth URL for the bot. 0
kick Kick a user from the server. kick @User <reason> Kick Members
killswitch Close the bot process. master
leave-server Leave a server. 3
namechanges Detect name changes from a user. namechanges @User 0
ping Ping the bot to test responsiveness. 0
plaineval Same as eval, just with a different scope. plaineval <code> master
prefix Make the bot return its current prefix. 0
purge Delete a specified count of messages. purge <amount> Manage Messages
rankup Bump a user's permission level up by one notch. rankup @User 3
say Make the bot say something you specify. say <message> 0
server-info Print information on the server. 0
setlevel Set the level of a user or role. setlevel <-1/0/1/2/3> <@User/@Role/@everyone> 3
setnsfw Change NSFW allowance in a channel. setnsfw <on/off> 3
setstatus Change the bot's playing status. setstatus <online/idle/dnd/invisible> <message> master
softban Ban and immediately unban a member, deleting their messages in the process. softban @User1 @User2/<userid/multiple-ids> <reason> Ban Members
takerole Take a role from a user. takerole @User <role name> 3, Manage Roles
twitch Return if a Twitch streamer is live or not. 0
userinfo Print info on a user. 0

Fun commands

Name Description Usage Level/Required permission
advice Ask for some advice from the bot. 0
cleverbot Talk to the bot, and it will respond. cleverbot <message> 0
dice Roll the dice. 0
dogfact Return a random dog fact. 0
e621 Image searching from e621. e621 <searchwords> 0 (NSFW)
fact Return a random fact. 0
fancyinsult Insult someone in a fancy manner. fancyinsult <name> 0
fortunecow Return a fortune cow. 0
gif Search for a GIF. gif <searchwords> 0
leetspeak Encode a message to 1337sp3ak. leetspeak <message> 0
magic8ball Ask for a decision from the magic 8 ball. 0
meme Make a meme. Meme types here meme <memetype> "<Upper line>" "<Bottom line>" 0
randomcat Return a random cat picture. 0
randomdog Return a random dog picture. 0
randommeme Return a random meme. 0 (NSFW)
rip Posts a about someone. rip <name> 0
rule34 Search for an image via rule34. rule34 <searchwords> 0 (NSFW)
shorten Shorten an URL using shorten <url> 0
stroke Stroke someone's ego. stroke <name> 0
urbandictionary Search for a definition from the Urban Dictionary. urbandictionary <searchwords> 0
xkcd Search for XKCD comics. Use nothing for random, current for latest or a number to get that one. xkcd <(nothing)/current/(number)> 0
yesno Return a yes or no GIF. 0
yomomma Yo momma is so fat that... You know the drill. 0

Music commands

Name Description Usage Level/Required permission
leave-voice Leave the voice channel. 1
music Pause or resume music playing. 1
playlist Print the current playlist. If the delete subcommand is passed, remove a song from the playlist. Number specifies track to remove, all means queue wipe. playlist OR playlist delete <position>/all
request Request a song to add to the playlist. request <url/searchwords> 1
shuffle Shuffle the current playlist. 2
voice Make the bot join the voice channel. 1
volume Adjust player volume. volume <0-100> 1
voteskip Vote to skip a song. 1

Tag commands

Name Description Usage Level/Required permission
tag Base command for tags. Returns a tag if specified. tag <subcommand/name> 0 (Also subcommands)
tag create Create a tag. tag create <name> <content>
tag delete Delete a tag. tag delete <name>
tag edit Edit an existing tag. tag edit <name> <newcontent>
tag owner Return the owner of a tag. tag owner <name>
tag random Retrieve a random tag from the database. tag random
tag raw Return the raw data of a tag. tag raw <name>

Customize command

The customize command is a multifaceted command that needs its own table to illustrate how it works.

The customize command makes changes to the server-specific database of WildBeast. It allows you to set a custom member join announcement and tweak some responses. You need a permission level of 3 to use the customize command.

Name Description Usage Note
customize Base command for the customizer. customize <method> <parameter/content> See below for the methods.
prefix Change the command prefix. Enclose the prefix in double quotes. customize prefix "<prefix>"
permissions Change response given when users don't have permissions to execute a command. customize permissions <message>
timeout Change response given when a command is still on cooldown. customize timeout <message>
welcoming Changes whether the bot should send a welcome message when a new member joins. customize welcoming <off/channel/private>
welcome Changes the welcome message specified above. customize welcome <message>
nsfw Change the response given when a channel doesn't have NSFW commands allowed. customize nsfw <message>
volume Change the default volume WildBot will assume when joining a voice channel. customize volume <number>

All commands except for the option-based ones (welcoming and prefix) support certain variables in the messages. The variables start with % and are the following.

Variable Description Usable responses
user Username of the user that triggered the response. All
server Name of the server. All
channel Name of the channel the response was triggered in. All except welcome
timeout Amount of seconds the command is on cooldown. Only timeout
ulevel Short of user level, the user's current permission level. Only permissions
nlevel Short of need level, permission level required to execute the command. Only permissions